Blades of Fire

Club Ladder (Junior)

note - the starting position is completely random. 

Please feel free to challenge the person above you (or the person above them) and pass the result on the night to Steven (or if he's not there, via email to by the following Saturday), who shall then update the ladder.

1 Nov 2012



 1 Euan Hussain
 2 Robbie Hussain
 3 Andrew McNeil
 4 Rory Pryde
 5 Fransior Husson
 6 Michael McCallum
 7 Ian Miller
 8 Liam Cunningham
 9 Robert Orr
 10 Angus Pettigrew
 11 Evan Olsen
 12 Taylor McBeth
 13 Ryan Donnaghugh
 14 Aidan Causer
 15 James Laptie