Blades of Fire

At present, our club members pay a weekly fee of £6 per lesson. 

This is collected via a ten month standing order that is set up via your bank. Paying the ten month standing order covers the number of weeks that the club runs during the school term. 

It is important to remember at the start of the new term to reset the standing order, otherwise the fees will not be paid and arrears can mount up.

The £6.00 per evening covers the coaching fees and rental of the hall as well as you borrowing a set of fencing kit from the Club for that particular class. Each set comprises a plastron (under jacket), jacket, fencing mask, glove and fencing foil. These are available for general use at each class.

At the discretion of the committee, members can rent a set of kit from the club for the whole season if they wish, at a cost of £60.00 from September until the following June.

There is a further fee payable to British Fencing of £15 for a social membership. This is done via their website, (new membership) and is also your insurance for fencing. You cannot be a member of the club and fence without it. However, once our members show us an annual renewal of their membership, we offer a £10 discount on their annual kit hire.